Blaze is a mini slush machine with patented vertical movement system that allows the production and dispensing of products like slush, cream, yogurts and sherbets. With its reduced dimensions it is ideal for those who have a limited daily consumption of product. The very low power consumption and innovative look make the Blaze a modern and functional decor object.
Available in a version with 2 liter tank.

  • Exclusive vertical stirring system which allows you to obtain a denser and less frothy product
  • Seal-less vertical movement system that avoids any possibility of infiltration of the product to the inside of the machine
  • Electromechanical operation which makes the machine reliable at any temperature
  • Adjustment of product density through convenient knob
  • Innovative design that makes it the quietest machine on the market
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Opportunity for aesthetic and technical customization

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